For sale

Snap out of it! You can't afford this one.
"This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it happen for free, because I need to liquidate 75,000 balls in Lower Manhattan ASAP," the seller explains.
The Harlem Globetrotters are for sale, anyone need a $100 million basketball team?
Anyone want to buy a vegan tea shop?
Whitney Houston's New Jersey home is back on the market, and the realtor has included photos of her house... and the scene of her death. Stay classy, Jersey.
Where will all the Pratt students and freelancers hang out all day?!
All this can be yours for just $25,000 (OBO)!
For a couple million you could be the proud owner of the letters CBGB and OMFUG!
An $11 million Chelsea townhouse is on the market, featuring an insane 30-foot pool in the living room.
A building for sale across from the Barclays Center is looking for a sexy, neon new tenant in the vein of Dave & Busters
Flickr user Nabok After being open since 1893 and helping to
[UPDATE BELOW] NYC Transit has been busy updating their Twitter account with
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