The last time the Bills had a home playoff game was 1996.
However, a MetLife Stadium spokesperson claims there are only one or two.
We still don't know what the 'X' stands for, but there will be a team playing at MetLife Stadium.
Adjust your expectations, sportsfans.
The protest, sparked in 2016 by the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, has turned into a full-blown national debate.
Some Giants players knelt or raised fists during the National Anthem, while the Jets stood and locked arms.
One Giants fan allegedly puked on another, leading to a fight that sent them tumbling down some rows of seats during Monday night's game at the New Meadowlands.
Around 80 officers, most of them minorities, wore black t-shirts reading #IMWITHKAP.
According to a "smoking gun email" obtained by the Post, Manning worked with Giants managers to bilk collectors into buying gear that they were told was worn during NFL games but was actually not.
Happy anniversary to a defining moment in the history of the New York Jets football franchise!
Joe Buck talks about the best baseball game he ever called, political correctness and more.
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