Food waste

The Finish Cultural Institute of New York is bringing chefs from a zero waste restaurant in Helsinki for a 4 day event.
The chef and TV host is the executive producer Wasted! The Story Of Food Waste, a documentary film on the subject that premiered at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.
The nearly $9 salad comes with "scraps" like broccoli stems and kale stalks.
While also tackling America's serious food waste issues.
Chef Dan Barber brings pals like Mario Batali, Dominique Ansel and Alain Ducasse aboard to cook up food scraps like carrot tops, juice pulp and fish heads.
Apparently it involves throwing around a lot of fruit.
WTG, everybody.
Those uneaten organic millet pancakes from brunch were hopefully saved from interment.
The festival was billed as "rain or shine," which meant, in reality, "shine or shine."
The program will be piloted on Staten Island, where the Borough President expects it to fail.
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