Food vendors

"I was very indignant the day that the Department of Sanitation threw out pallets of fruits and vegetables from my stand, it was very unfair," said the vendor.
A photo shows the woman lying in the street moments after she was struck by the cart.
The Harlem Pie Man!
The Governors Island musical festival takes place in early July, with 10 local vendors serving pizza, ice cream and other outdoor eating-friendly dishes.
It's much more damaging than that Eau du Street Meat scent.
Only five and a half weeks until Memorial Day!
The feds are now testing the rest of Red Hook Park.
Organizers estimate that over 10,000 people showed up for the event in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
Also, Momos & Buns and Carl's Steaks.
A heated argument over turf between vendors at City Hall Park devolved into cane-swinging violence, with one vendor left bloodied and another taken away in handcuffs.
Yesterday firefighters seized a generator belonging to a licensed food vendor who operates a cart on the sidewalk outside Zuccotti Park. The vendor was reportedly running a power cord to the protesters' media tent.
The latest from the mobile food vendors vs. brick-and-mortar restaurants, cranky old ladies, and NYPD front.
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