Food vendor

Despite legislation aimed building a fairer system, street vendors still say it's hard to do business legally.
"I'm grateful for the people who brought me this because I want a good future for my children."
The victim works at a halal cart.
“One guy wanted the spot, the other guy had it, and that was what the argument was about," a witness said. "One guy just took it too far, and lots of people got hurt.”
The city issued a request for proposals for a snack bar and "mobile food units" at McCarren Park Pool. Presumably, these would be mobile food units that wouldn't cause any additional vomit, poop, or diarrhea.
Not even New Jersey is safe for mobile food vendors.
The battle against mobile food vendors moves down to the streets of SoHo, and Hipster Cop is ON IT.
The new iPhone app maps all the food trucks in town.
Meet Ayman Metwally, aka Ayman Metwaly, aka Ayman Metwaey, aka Ayman Abdelrashid Ali Metwally, aka Ayman Abdelrashed Metwally, who will no longer be serving you sketchy street meat.
We speak to UWS Councilwoman Gale Brewer, who just introduced new legislation to restrict mobile food vendors in Manhattan.
The seemingly neverending war against food trucks hits the UWS, again.
With "Queens Qustodian" Jeff Orlick.
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