Food trends

Food trend predictions said noodles would die out; they did the opposite.
It's one of the most polarizing pizza creations and yet it's showing up on the menus at many new pizzerias.
It's being replaced by vegetables OVER OUR DEAD BODIES.
Buying local may be de rigueur in NYC, but it's still taking off on a national level.
Later losers.
This squirmy chondrichthye has been showing its pretty face at a bunch of new restaurants.
Revisit the fusion years, the bistronomy years and our current farm-to-table movement all in one epic meal.
The Korean taco food trend died today, April 26, in Carrollton Texas.
Cohen encourages us "to say you don't have to dig up a ramp to enjoy the flavor, and try to shift the consciousness about this plant to this more sustainable way of interacting with it."
The "ice luge" booze delivery system is so over (John Cusack proves this in Hot Tub Time Machine by doing a beer luge in the '80s). These days it's all about the bone luge.
People have been trying to get Americans to eat herring for decades and now diners are finally catching up.
Why smoke and drink when you can get drunk and stoned from the same substance?
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