Food stamps

The proposed budget will increase spending on the military and border security, part of Trump's second-term priorities.
'The final rule would cause serious harm to individuals, communities, and the nation while doing nothing to improve the health and employment of those impacted by the rule.'
He represents one of the largest yeshivas in Brooklyn.
With less money being spent at delis and grocery stores, owners of those establishments are feeling the effects in their own livelihood and ability to provide for their families.
One in five New Yorkers—an astounding 1.4 million of the total population of 8.3 million—currently rely on food banks and pantries to sustain themselves every day
The State steps up in response to SNAP benefit cuts by the Federal Government.
The fast food giant has no problem passing the buck to taxpayers when it comes to helping out their woefully underpaid employees.
Recession-era laws providing assistance to recovering households expires, resulting in a system-wide decrease in benefits starting next month.
More than 1 in 7 Americans are enrolled in SNAP, and in New York City alone the program feeds nearly 1.8 million people.
Last year NYC residents received $3.4 billion in food stamp benefits as well as $2.9 billion in supplemental security income and $1.4 billion in public assistance.
"Today is my 6th day of the SNAP Challenge; my 6th sweet potato; my 6th day of canned beans; and, my 6th day of canned veggies."
Cory Booker appears to be getting ready to eat for at least a week as if he were on food stamps. After Thanksgiving, of course.
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