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More than 13,000 pounds of compromised ham have been released into Northeastern delis, prompting a whole ham recall.

"Inspectors said they found foods like pesto pasta and mushroom quesadillas being prepared or stored in places where condensation was dripping from ceilings, a doorway and a fan."

Mmm...chunky salmonella peanut butter—delightful with strawberry jam and artisanal bread!

A Maspeth-based Jewish foods company is recalling their kosher broiled chicken livers after 56 people got salmonella-related sickness from the organs.

No salad is safe! The latest food safety scare hits lettuce, for the second time in a month.

Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Maragrita, which she bills as "all-natural," actually contains sodium benzoate, a potentially toxic preservative.

Salmonella-tainted papaya from Mexico is, unsurprisingly, really screwing things up for Gray's Papaya.