Food halls

"The fear is that if this continues month after month, it will cripple our local economy."
There's an impressive lineup of nearly 20 different food and drink vendors here.
The food hall located adjacent to Penn Station and MSG added three new vendors including Neapolitan pizza, Cali-style tacos, and sushi.
The vegan food truck-turned-food hall tenant joins a veg friendly lineup of food makers.
It's the largest of its kind in NYC, featuring 40 distinct food vendors, a butcher shop, a cheese shop, a bakery and a fishmonger.
The market features a great lineup of local food-makers.
Columbus Circle has some incendiary new food options.
It includes several new ventures by the owner of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, in addition to a forthcoming Brooklyn location of tapas spot Boqueria.
Mu Ramen, a barbecue joint and a pizza spot are among the announced vendors.
It can be a challenge to navigate food halls, given so many options, and impulsive purchases can also lead to a doozy of a bill when a meal is finally assembled.
Welcome back, Cinnamon Snail!
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