Food hall

Sin Kee, in the Queens Crossing Mall, is the latest venture from chef Richard Chan.
The "culinary collective" features 17 restaurants, including such proven winners as Miznon, Teranga, and Mah Ze Dahr.
Unlike the typical food hall model of the past, delivery will likely play a major role here at Jacx&Co for now.
You will have to spend a good amount of time inside before grabbing a spot to eat outdoors.
There are 15 different vendors in the space, including the first ever outpost of Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop.
Little Tong, Nansense, Beach Bistro 96, and Mani in Pasta are among the vendors.
The Essex Crossing complex expands with 25 new vendors, including NYC classics Veselka, Nom Wah, and Schaller & Weber.
There will be nine vendors, a central bar, and an art deco design theme.
There are 21 vendors in all, including Fish Cheeks, Bessou, Juliana's Pizza, Breads Bakery, Ice and Vice, Jacob's Pickles, Clinton Street Bakery, Mr. Taka Ramen, and Miss Ada.
The food hall in Downtown Brooklyn had been open since late 2018.
And YOU get a food hall, and YOU get a food hall...
Doughnut Project, Big Gay Ice Cream, La Sonrisa and Ponti Rossi all have new homes, joining about a dozen others.
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