Food court

Cheese-enhanced bubble tea is a fixture across Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Putting those gleaming new bathrooms to shame!
There's the old guard who combine the food court concept with both gourmet grocery stalls and fine dining restaurants; to the new wave, which are all about getting a quick meal.
Highlights include Daniel Delaney's new fried chicken concept, a Roberta's satellite operation and an all-veggie concept from No. 7.
Does the west side really need another food hall?
The hub will include grab 'n go kiosks plus space for sit down operations with "fancy tacos."
Black Seed Bagels, Umami Burger, Little Muenster, Dos Toros and 10 other big name restaurants are all inside.
Interested in embarking upon an eating adventure across Flushing's legendary food courts, but not sure where to begin? We break it down for you.
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