Food and drink tour

It's the closest thing you'll get to a New England seaside town without actually leaving the city.
Dimly-lit dives, hifalutin mixology dens, cheap drink deals and cheeseburger tacos make St. Mark's Place a go-to for every kind of drinker, not just NYU brats.
Condos are rising, Citibikes are installed, and exciting restaurant and bars continue to open in what many are now calling the sixth borough.
Pop those collars, it's Murray Hill time.
Do you like old school pizza? They've got it. Do you want a plate piled high with shawarma? Yup. How about Scandinavian pastries for what ails you? Check.
The Terminal boasts dozens of restaurants, kiosks, stalls and shops where you can procure everything from a 40 ounce steak to a basket of tomatoes to a frothy cappuccino, all under one beautiful, Beaux-Arts roof.
A guide on where to eat in Ridgewood, Queens... from two trusted locals.
A guide on where to eat and drink before seeing a show at Port Chester's gorgeous and legendary Capitol Theatre, which we should all really be going to more often.
So far, the neighborhood has mostly resisted the invasion of soul-crushing corporate eateries in favor of mom-and-pop shops that keep the area's distinct character alive.
"It's almost like some parts of Brooklyn, but not." But not: that's the good part.
Any respectable tourist will tell you: seafood tastes better when you're eating it next to the sea.
Naturally we couldn't include everything, so give us your favorites in the comments and don't forget to tell us to move back to Williamsburg.
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