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Current and former restaurant owners, chefs, historians and diners say Filipino food has lingered far too long on the brink of the ascendancy predicted by culinary greats.

Friends and fans of Amanda Cohen's plant-based cuisine say recognition is long overdue, but the outspoken chef would rather focus on issues of equity, representation, and fair pay.

Vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy earned its first Michelin star, while Peter Luger Steakhouse was kicked off the list.

Not since the IRT and IND joined the MTA has a pairing made this much sense.

A farm stand outside the gates will stay open, even if food can’t be brought inside.

The World Artisan Market on 31st Street has been adding restaurants for several months, and is now almost full.

Hundreds of families in the O’Dwyer Gardens have been calling for the city to restore cooking gas since construction broke ground on NYCHA’s Resilience and Recovery project in February.

The Black women-owned, community-minded soul-food operation also has outlets in Newark and Maplewood.

Envisioned by personal chef Melinda Tracy as a way to reacquaint people with the idea of dining together after pandemic isolation, this new series emphasizes locally sourced farm-to-table dishes.

Run by refugees and immigrants who've formed a potent team, this new restaurant serves dishes from all over the world⁠ — and the food is fantastic.