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The trailer for "Inside Llewyn Davis," the Coen Brothers latest movie that revolves around the burgeoning folk music scene in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s, looks fantastic. Watch it below.

Folk legend Pete Seeger and '60s folk singer Arlo Guthrie joined in with Occupy Wall Street protesters last night for a march on the Upper West Side. Check out several videos of them performing below.

The Coen Brothers! 1960s Greenwich Village! The folk scene! This is a movie we will watch.

The Coen brothers are recreating '60s-era Greenwich Village for their latest film, which explores the city's early folk music scene.

Talkin' about Bob Dylan and NYC—or as he once told his father, "New York City was the magnet—the force that draws objects to it, but take away the magnet and everything will fall apart."

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