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A lineup of city and state lawmakers spoke out in Manhattan Tuesday after a Politico report suggested the Supreme Court may soon strike down Roe v. Wade.

Around 25,000 turned up at the march and rally, held in protest of Trump's immigration policy and the forcible separation of families seeking asylum in the U.S.

Around one hundred anti-Islam activists gathered for a "March Against Sharia Law" Saturday in Foley Square, where they were met by several larger counter-demonstrations.

Nevertheless, many participants said they were glad to see increasingly diverse groups getting involved with what has historically been a workers holiday.

The walkout coincides with the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Sometimes security theater is so boring it puts everyone to sleep, even the actors.

The Museum of Food and Drink debuts their explosive Cereal Puffing Gun at the final Summer Streets of the season.

A guy breathed fire with the help of some fracking-tainted water.

The schedule spans three days, culminating in a "People's Wall" action on Monday morning, when protesters are planning to non-violently obstruct the zone around Wall Street shut down by authorities on the movement's two-month anniversary.