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Here are your photos from this morning's fog.

Over an inch of rain fell yesterday through this morning, bringing the monthly rainfall total back to almost normal.

The rain is expected to begin late tonight.

After an extended period of cold weather this month, the last week of March will be decidedly more spring-like, as temperatures return to normal and we get more than a few rainy days.

The city is about to be stuck between two weather systems for the next several days and that will lead to cool, cloudy skies and a good deal of rain from tonight through Saturday.

Later this evening a third character, a low-level jet with some really strong winds, will make its presence known.

If it's not the snow it's the ice, if it's not the ice it's the fog, if it's not the fog it's the owls, if it's not the owls it's the overhead colostomy bags.

Tuesday will be our sixth straight day in the 60s.

Parts of New York City have become enshrouded in a thick, impenetrable fog.