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Thousands turned out on Saturday to feast on cheap eats from all over the world.

"They lived a long good life, and they have a nice patina to them, and they're gonna retire in their current state, no botox, no fillers, no fresh coat of paint."

The food event, which had been canceled last year due to the pandemic, will now offer timed and ticketed entry; the ticket revenue will cover the vendors' participation fees.

'Right now, people are just kind of sleepwalking a little bit. I’m just trying to raise alarms.'

'I could have ridden my bike from home to the park in about 20 minutes, when I was a kid. But this is less a goodbye than a farewell. Thank you all for the ride, I had a great time.'

With 300 site-specific works spread throughout the five boroughs, the exhibition is the largest public art project to date for both Ai Weiwei and the Public Art Fund.

The judges said that the Bloomberg administration improperly signed off on the plan without seeking the state legislative approval needed when giving away parkland.

"Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has refused to back any of the proposals."

The Pavilion has been re-coated in its original yellow hue.