Other countries which just had their flu season reported fewer cases this year.
Should I wear a face mask? Do I take that trip I planned? How does the virus spread?
Add GET YOUR FLU SHOT subject lines to all your mom's emails about Ebola in Brooklyn.
According to officials, about 169 children in the United States died of complications from the flu last year, and four of those deaths were in New York City.
The Board of Health is expected to vote on a proposal today that would require annual flu shots for children ages six months to about 5 years old.
Flu's gold?
Already had the dread flu? There are other bugs to be wary of this winter.
While there's no real cure for the flu, an Ohio-based ice cream company may have just come up with the next best thing: influenza sorbet!
Check out the letter that the Manhattan Soccer Club sent to the parents of little Tyhphoid Madison and Mark.
People are flocking to pharmacies to get their flu shots, and that means your local Duane Reade may have already run out of supplies.
If you haven't picked it up yet, there are still things you can do to avoid getting flu. And to aid you in that quest, you can consult the Germ Tracker app.
Just in case you haven't already entrenched yourself inside your panic room over this flu epidemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a Public Health Emergency today for all of NY State in response to the increasingly severe flu season.
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