Flu shot

"There are some shipping delays... due to the hurricane and others due to the increased demand on shipping with UPS and FedEx."
Other countries which just had their flu season reported fewer cases this year.
A new study suggests that more than 50 percent of millennials don't plan on getting the flu shot this year.
According to officials, about 169 children in the United States died of complications from the flu last year, and four of those deaths were in New York City.
She's had two previous miscarriages and is "on edge."
The new law mandates that children enrolled in city-licensed preschools and daycare centers receive flu shots by the end of 2014.
People are flocking to pharmacies to get their flu shots, and that means your local Duane Reade may have already run out of supplies.
Just in case you haven't already entrenched yourself inside your panic room over this flu epidemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a Public Health Emergency today for all of NY State in response to the increasingly severe flu season.
Last week 7.3 percent of the deaths reported were caused by pneumonia and the flu, which is above the CDC's epidemic threshold of 7.2 percent.
Feeling sick? Please work from home!
According to the Centers for Disease Control "most of the country" is now experiencing "high levels of influenza-like-illness" at levels "nearing what have been peak levels of ILI during moderately severe seasons in the past."
Earlier this week Google Maps launched a flu shot finder at
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