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A sprawling celebration of natural foods, history and culinary traditions includes art tables, an exhibition, a farmer's market and more.

A nationwide analysis shows that increasing temperatures and rising carbon dioxide levels will intensify and extend the pollen season in the Northeast.

"Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope" transforms NYBG galleries into a subtle, ever-shifting series of floral encounters.

As in previous years, floral designer Lewis Miller has taken his typically more spontaneous flower flashes and gone BIG in Rockefeller Center.

"Only in New York could you drape a hot dog cart in flowers, call it a Valentine's Day decoration and get absolutely insane crowds to come out and take pictures."

'It's at times heartbreaking to know that something you made can disappear that quickly but quite honestly, it's that delicious impermanence that makes them so special.'

Members of a Park Slope block association are hoping to make their street a little bit safer, and a little bit prettier, one extra-legal flower at a time.

How can prices be so low when flowers from a florist are so expensive?