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New Jersey follows nearly two dozen other jurisdictions with similar lawsuits. But none of these cases have been resolved yet, and fossil fuel companies are pushing back.

Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery announced a plan to protect its roughly 600,000 final resting places against future floods.

A flood advisory is in effect through rush hour, which could worsen unrelated subway delays

A new report details federal spending on hurricane recovery 10 years after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City metro area.

Several thousand people lost power in Brooklyn and Queens.

A series of events are planned to mark the year since Ida devastated city neighborhoods, but many residents are still waiting for improvements.

The RPA suggests public roadways and parking spots could be used for green infrastructure — such as rain gardens, green streets that break up paved roads with verdant medians, and permeable pavement — to trap excess rainwater.

“It really felt like there was going to be a sea change when Ida hit ... I'm just completely disappointed at how quickly people seem to forget and move on.”

Water was reportedly flooding subways but had not affected service as of 8 a.m.

“We're seeing such a dramatic change in the type of weather events that we're facing as a result of climate change," said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell, New York City's former OEM commissioner.