New York City council members pressed the city’s climate officials this week about the need for flood emergency plans.
In one of the New Jersey communities hardest hit by Ida, residents who can’t afford to elevate their homes plan to move out.
De Blasio achieved success toward making New York City carbon neutral by 2050, but his administration struggled to break ground on its storm surge and sea level rise infrastructure projects.
“It’s as if it were prohibited for immigrants to attain housing with dignity.”
Ida devastated an Elizabeth, NJ apartment complex that served as a hub of refugee resettlement in the region.
Investigators and researchers are unraveling the mixture of calamities that contributed to people perishing in underground dwellings during Ida's flash floods.
Scientists predicted Ida’s heavy downpours as early as Monday, but rainfall remains a blindspot when it comes to urban preparedness and climate change resiliency.
The fast-moving storm is expected to arrive shortly after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, picking up intensity throughout the evening, before tapering off by morning.
The maps haven't been updated since 2007, and flood risk is rising in communities battered by Superstorm Sandy, exacerbated by new building development.
The city’s sewers were built in the 19th century. Charging fees to warehouse and parking lot owners could help pay for much-needed updates.
"It was filthy water. Completely opaque, a dark gray green with bits of rubble floating in it. It was real disgusting."
We spoke by phone with the "Highway Hero" earlier this morning about her triumphant and lonesome battle to clear the Long Island Expressway.
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