Fleetwood mac

We talked to Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood about the early incarnation of the band, tracking down rare photos and memorabilia, and what the future may hold for Fleetwood Mac.
"We are, for better or for worse, for whatever dysfunction there may be in there, we are a family. We've been through things together that nobody's been through."
Why has Fleetwood Mac never played SNL? We asked Lindsey Buckingham.
Fleetwood Mac and friends will be taking over Dodger Stadium and Citi Field this summer and getting tix is going to be the top priority of the summer.
Seriously, what gives Lorne?
On October 9th, Fleetwood Mac will rock the early morning Today Show crowd.
MAC IS BACK! And hitting the road this year with the original lineup.
In this 1977 Cameron Crowe-penned Rolling Stone cover story, the members of Fleetwood Mac talk about break-ups and being alone.
Stevie quoted Taylor Swift when talking about Christine McVie's departure from Fleetwood Mac.
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