He allegedly pulled down his shorts at the Grand Street stop.
He allegedly exposed himself many times.
"People are so fucking dirty I hate NYC."
How late is too late to report a crime? And how seriously will the NYPD take your statement without visual evidence?
The man was carrying a Fed Ex envelope that he apparently used to conceal his junk.
Police are, once again, on the lookout for a subway pervert.
A cop who claims he was fired for flashing a woman in a police stationhouse insists he is innocent—and he has (or, rather, doesn't have) the foreskin to prove it!
A Parks Ranger yesterday apprehended a 53-year-old flasher—and found he was carrying a loaded handgun.
Bill Cosby is not impressed by this lady's boobs.
Around 3 p.m. yesterday, an "emotionally disturbed man" wearing nothing but a shirt, penny loafers and creepy green socks flashed his genitals to folks on the street outside the H&M on 43rd and Fifth Avenue.
When this flasher woke up this morning, snapped a condom on his
A mentally disturbed man with bad B.O. and a penchant for
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