Flash mob

Dress up and join this "Thriller" flash mob in Harlem on Halloween night.
Well, flash mobs ARE pretty annoying.
A flash mob that's not a marketing trick pulled off by some evil conglomerate!
This is pretty... and kind of makes you want to take a nap.
Three protesters were arrested and four issued summonses yesterday in Grand Central Terminal, where approximately 150 demonstrators formed a "flash mob" to protest President Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA]. Here's video.
A handful of Evil Troys and Abeds huddled around Rockefeller Plaza to sing songs in protest of NBC removing the beloved cult show from the midseason lineup. Watch "protesters" sing "Oh Christmas Troy" below.
Click through for some photos from the event, and below, check out some videos of Star Wars chants, betting, and lightsaber rattling.
Happy Global BDS Day of Action on Land Day! Today activists
Photograph of last night's "die-in" at Grand Central Terminal by Gay
About a month ago, France's Swing Jammerz took their "I Charleston"
It's like something out of a romantic comedy (or Blues Brothers)! A
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