"This is not something the State should have done without us. But legally they do have the right, whether I agree with it or not," the mayor said.
The fitness classes will be limited to 33% capacity. Participants will be required to wear masks, and sign in with contact information, and the studios will undergo inspections by local health departments.
Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death and hospitalizations for people 65 or over.
You're not riding up a remote mountain pass deep in the Catskills; you're peddling a stationary bike in a windowless DUMBO warehouse.
It took a minute, but the fires of Hell have at long last forged a new trend in public humiliation-as-exercise, and it is called crunning.
The DUMBO Improvement District wants to turn underused park spaces into exercise hotspots.
In FITNESS (and free tickets).
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Tough Mudder, the fitness company for finance bros who like electrocuting themselves, will jump into a dumpster of ice tomorrow in DUMBO.
We'd try to explain the fluidity and grace of the sport, but you're better off witnessing the sweet science for yourself.
Could the Gangnam Style international dance craze become an international fitness fad?
Yesterday Bon Iver's trainer got the Gothamist staff moving, and he's got some tips for you on working out in the office.
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