FIT's fashion show featured oversized lips and ears, evoking racist images of Black people seen throughout American history.
A former FIT student is suing Barnes & Noble and her school for allegedly conspiring to steal her design.
NYU is #1, because as CM puts it, the city itself "offers their students…the world" (emphasis theirs). Wait, isn't that Aladdin University?
The Museum at FIT's new exhibit will make you feel like you're in a beautiful upstate town along the Hudson, sort of.
Simon Doonan Should you be able to afford Barneys Co-op, the
The two Fashion Institute of Technology students who were busted last
A true Williamsburg fashionisto Earlier this year a reader spotted a
The two young women who were busted for scoring cocaine at
Saldana's father with police The 23-year-old FIT student found dead in
Last night, the body of a 23-year-old woman was found in
"We have to make bicycling fun and elegant, which it is not
Today's New York Post did not take the bait and offer
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