'If you and I get invited to a party, and we just throw our garbage down on the floor, we're not going to be invited back.'
The idea to build for a fishing-centric resource was first suggested by local anglers to Friends of the East River Esplanade... 'What you could do is make us a bait station.'
Starring the American Eel, Fluke, Oyster Toadfish, and yes—feral goldfish.
Investigators could not determine neither the age nor the gender of the foot's owner.
So you're terrified of running into a snakehead fish now—below, you'll find our handy three step guide to killing one.
Dear god, won't somebody think of Tucker Carlson?
You know that middle aged dude in the dorky Dad poncho you've seen fly fishing in Central Park? Yeah, it turns out that might have been Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.
People, relax—he's not there for P. Diddy's party.
Another bird has been injured by a barbed hook in Prospect Park. Related: Fishermen have received no summonses this year for breaking city rules.
A fight over the right to fish rests on a 1686 royal decree.
Mmm...crab boil, anyone?
Data visualization is one way to get quickly freaked out about the ongoing over-fishing of the oceans.
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