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In this opinion piece, freelance journalist JB Nicholas argues that controversial new proposed rules for press credentials are actually an improvement.

Among the questions the NYPD and FBI are asking: "What do you know about antifa?” “Are you with anarchist groups?” “Do you follow protest-related accounts?”

A federal appeals court found plausible evidence the government detained Ravi Ragbir in retaliation for his advocacy on behalf of immigrants, and ordered a lower court to review the case.

The Queens DA's office has been withholding crucial pieces of evidence from the media, including 911 calls and medical records, even after repeated requests by members of the press, and in contradiction of a long-standing federal court ruling that ensures that reporters have access to evidence entered in criminal court.

Jersey City officials have removed more than two hundred newspaper boxes from the streets, angering publishers who say they weren't given a heads up.

De Blasio seemingly wastes gallons of precious mayoral brain juice agonizing over negative press coverage, calls the notion of the demise of the New York Post 'wishful thinking,' and furiously micromanages his office's public response to crises.

First Amendment and defense attorneys warned the provisions could prove "coercive."