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City officials explain the lengthy exemption process and why so many unvaccinated workers have been allowed to stick with weekly testing rather than immediately take the shots.

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro is bracing for shortages by canceling vacations and reassigning uniformed employees who typically work desk jobs back into the field.

Look, it's just a cute video of firefighters getting the job done. Don't overthink it.

For the first time in its history, the FDNY used a remote-controlled drone to help extinguish a burning building Monday night.

A massive three-alarm fire tore through the Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan Sunday night.

One allegedly held a man in a headlock while the other two beat him.

One person is still unaccounted for.

Two people were killed in a blaze in Queens, and over a dozen people were injured in a separate fire in Manhattan today.

Firefighters were able to rescue him in under two minutes.

The FDNY called it a 'painful reminder that 13 years later we continue to pay a terrible price for the department's heroic efforts.'