Comprehensive data is also unavailable on response times despite a law stating that the city needs to share these numbers with the public on a regular basis.
About 12,000 staff for first responder agencies and 2,100 sanitation workers face the prospect of unpaid leave starting Monday
"We can’t rule out the possibility of some operational disruption," said City Councilmember Mark Levine.
After crashing into a row of cars, the box trucker driver "decided it was a good idea to climb into a fire truck with a driver inside."
'There was nothing about the fire that really had anything to do with the accident that occurred. It was really in the operation he was performing on the roof, which is a routine operation for us...'
Firefighters really like to propose to their girlfriends during Fire Academy.
Someone turn this 3-minute YouTube video into a romcom.
A volunteer firefighter from Mississippi who suffered disfiguring burns in 2001 has been gifted with the face of a deceased bike mechanic from Brooklyn.
"It has become something big, unmanageable, not easy to understand...The life it has taken on since has been distorted, or deformed."
"We have lost a real hero tonight and our hearts are heavy," Mayor de Blasio said. "I ask every New Yorker to keep the lieutenant in their prayers."
He may have been intoxicated.
The driver of the car was reportedly arrested on suspicion of DWI.
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