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The American Meteor Society says it wasn't aliens, but you can draw your own conclusions about that.

Police are searching for a woman accused of stealing three bottles of Fireball at knifepoint from a Bushwick liquor store.

Late last night, a tanker carrying 12,000 gallons of fuel crashed with a car in Bellmore, Long Island, on the Sunrise Highway. Seven thousand gallons of fuel spilled onto the road and then ignited.

The first fire was outside the home of former Councilman Eric Gioia.

Some people claimed to have captured video of the meteor passing over Manhattan last night, except the video below is actually from Virginia. But hey, it's still a cool video!

Watch this fireball engulf a house in Queens... for entertainment!

The FX The Americans will be exploding fireballs in Brooklyn and Queens tomorrow night!

Brooklyn will get another fireball tomorrow! Brooklyn: so hot right now, amirite?

Last night a giant fireball could be seen in Greenpoint, coming from the set of Boardwalk Empire. Here's some amazing video that captured the explosion.