Fire island

The poster boy for the weekend's controversy was one Corey Hannon, an NYC resident who posted to Instagram about his ongoing COVID-19 symptoms, while surrounded by other Pines beachgoers.
Here's everything you need to know about the beaches in and around NYC.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who's bummed that sharks are biting kids on Fire Island.
According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the tooth fragment removed from 13-year-old Matthew Donaldson's leg is consistent with a shark.
Two children were injured in possible shark encounters off Fire Island beaches on Wednesday.
The marine arthropods are getting it ON.
People really know how to live out on Fire Island.
These beautiful siphonophores are just one of many non-human creatures quietly plotting our species' demise.
Here are our favorite outdoor escapes from the city.
The boat had been traveling from Shinnecock to NYC.
Don't spent your Saturdays and Sundays with your head in the refrigerator. Here are the best weekend escapes from the city.
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