Better late than never.
The new $50 mask wearing fine goes into effect Monday at all Port Authority facilities.
"The governor's policy seems less likely to make the subway safer than to raise tension and create conflict between police and riders."
“We are imposing fines without any consideration to what is financially significant to a person."
"While we definitely do prosecute bike lane-related violations, there are times when cases cannot be effectively prosecuted."
In addition to a fine, there are new requirements placed on the pricey grocer, which disagrees with the DCA's findings.
The cameras must be mounted within a quarter mile of a school, and are only turned on during weekdays one hour before and one hour after school is in session.
Barbara Ross wrote to tell us the tale of how a peaceful Sunday morning ride has resulted in a $625 fine, the suspension of her license and a warrant out for her arrest.
But are those fines really fair?
All East Village resident Nigel Warren wanted to do was put a little extra change in his pocket by renting out his room while he was in Colorado for a few days.
At today's protest Maria Leone, a street vendor who sells scarves and gloves in SoHo, said "We just work to pay tickets now."
Restaurants could be fined $250!
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