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The room, which dates back to 1905, is elegantly appointed with Art Deco accents, including a gorgeous bar and enormous skylight, in which hovers a custom-made brass chandelier.

It takes a little doing, but it can be delicious.

LinkedIn shows that a certain super-fancy restaurant is likely home to chants of, "We are the one percent."

It seems the gentleman in the photo above is a big fan of Gothamist, because he exhibited perfect form in subway dining this week.

NYC is getting its first fine dining marijuana supper club.

Dressler, one of just five Michelin-starred restaurants in all of Brooklyn, abruptly closed its doors for good today.

Does the Time Warner Center need a vomitorium? Because if the 'Confessions' in this week's New York is to be believed diners at our city's über-expensive restaurant throw up their dinners "a lot."

The past few years New York's food scene has seen a renaissance of haute comfort food. So is it any surprise that the mythical New York egg cream is getting an update?

(lucyrk in la's flickr). We know that pre-pubescent foodies exist. Heck,

Attention parents: I Trulli will not serve your kids buttered macaroni.