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George Pakenham, an environmental activist and banker, has been doing this since the 1970s. Now his snitching has become rather lucrative.

Possibly more shocking is that JPMorgan is admitting wrongdoing.

"They literally gave me a fine that is six times more than I paid for the entire bicycle," Segal told us. "How does this make any sense?"

Interfering with once-in-a-lifetime sporting moments and hugging athletes is costly!

Do you walk in between subway cars, and is it because you need to pee?

Ringling Bros. have to pay up after violating animal welfare laws.

A "Bevery Hillbillies"-esque "tribe" has been fined for hunting and cooking their own food in Prospect Park.

A Queens man was fined $2,000 for not watering his bees, even though a waterer was two feet from the hive. CBS 2 has the story, but bee-ware the puns!

Poor Bill Thompson. The former City Comptroller lost the 2009 mayoral