Find my iphone

The phones were stolen in the Bronx and found in East Harlem.
One of the suspects is an MTA bus driver.
Criminals still haven't learnt their lesson: in the latest Find My iPhone success story, cops used the app to catch a 17-year-old and his grandmother's boyfriend who had broken into an expensive Williamsburg apartment.
The victim hailed the SUV, which had TLC plates, in Murray Hill, but she fell asleep and allegedly found the driver groping her in Sunset Park.
Maybe it's better to listen to Minor Threat or something when riding the subway in the middle of the night?
Now that crooks have been warned, cops are having a harder time tracking phone thieves using Apple's "Find My iPhone" feature.
Police are searching for a bike-riding thief who they believe has stolen 18 iPhones this year on the UES—and all but one of the victims were women.
Police say a Queens man choked his wife during a fight in their Woodside apartment and then fled with their 1-year-old daughter last night. But he was caught within hours because of his iPhone.
Apple's Find My iPhone feature has caught a fair number of iPhone-snatchers since it was introduce, so why not bust up a ring of shady electronics resellers, too?
Sure, cops are learning to find your iPhone, but sometimes it's just easiest to have some good Samaritans nearby to stop a smartphone robbery.
With iPhones popular among laymen and thieves alike, is it any wonder that cops are being trained to use Apple's GPS-based phone recovery software?
Would-be criminals don't seem to be learning their lesson: if you steal an iPhone, cops will use the Find My iPhone app to track you down—and you may get caught in a really embarrassing manner.
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