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In a report, Thomas DiNapoli said the city should use its reserves and hope for federal relief.

That's 3,700 people making quadruple what 1.8 million people do.

"We have taken significant steps to strengthen our culture, reinforce our commitment to our clients, and ensure our governance processes are robust."

The state will get $550 million in consumer relief funds and cash.

"They have no responsibility to pay taxes. They have no responsibility to their clients," Sachs says of Wall Street players.

The study confirms some stereotypes of the movement, but illustrates overall that protesters were responding to a climate of economic hardship that cut through many income and education levels.

Would you buy "Nuclear Holocaust 2007-1, ShitBag 2007-1, Mike Tyson's Punchout 2007-1, Fludderfish 2007-1?"

The lawsuit is part of sweeping, "somewhat redundant" pattern of litigation against banks and other financial firms.

“We’ve really got no choice. We’ve got to fix this system. All of us, as individuals, need to do it.”

“I agree we need some help—but the Bros always wins!!”