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Does that mean Batman already exists in this universe? Could it mean Batman is a fictional character in this universe??

We already knew from the official logline that the movie 'is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale,' but we didn't realize the filmmakers would take that last part so seriously.

Here's a new close-up look at the garbage-strewn streets of Gotham City as well as Joaquin Phoenix in full clown regalia using a phone booth.

Ka is a wheel...and it's rolling its way through different set locations in NYC.

The Financial District and the Brooklyn Waterfront are popular spots for TV shows and movies to film.

Oy my car, I'm all fermisht from this meshugena film shoot.

For when there is something strange in the neighborhood, that neighborhood is inevitably Tribeca.

Another year, another attempt to curb filming in Brooklyn.