Film society of lincoln center

Cuaron will be at a Q&A before a screening of 'Y tu mama tambien.'
Films include documentaries about Marcelo Gomes and Trisha Brown and a special screening of Martha Graham's "A Dancer's World."
Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown will be in person for a number of screenings.
It was Disney's first attempt at a more modern heroine.
It's a powerhouse lineup of films from around the world.
Ed Wood and Ingmar Bergman in the same film series.
To whet your appetite for the upcoming 45th annual New Directors/New Films, here's an exclusive look at trailer giving you moments of all 27 films.
Past New Directors/New Films programs have introduced works from Christopher Nolan, Kelly Reichardt, Spike Lee, Pedro Almodovar and Wong War Kai.
Steven Spielberg's Band of Spies will also premiere.
There are a number of cast Q&A's this weekend at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.
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