An extensive new series at Film at Lincoln Center showcases very nearly everything the prolific director Hong Sang-soo has made, arranged in a series of shifting double features.
"Basically, we're trying to keep that Lincoln Plaza spirit and the spirit of communal specialized movie-going alive."
The long-awaited first Alamo Drafthouse location in Manhattan is finally opening next week in the Financial District.
The Apartment! Escape from New York! Moonstruck! Super Fly! After Hours! Do The Right Thing! Man Push Cart! Shadows! West Side Story! Margaret!
There will be 32 features at the "primarily in-person" film fest, which will have proof of vaccination requirement.
Last year, as the pandemic gripped the city, five young filmmakers documented how it affected their lives. The vignettes are now a short film called COVID Diaries NYC, debuting March 9th on HBO.
Tenet, Black Widow, No Time To Die, Wonder Woman 1984, First Cow, and 60 other films we're looking forward to seeing in 2020.
Uncut Gems, Parasite, Little Women, Marriage Story, and more of the best films of the year.
The nuns taught us there are three ways through life: the way of Nature and the way of Grace and the way of Movie Retrospectives.
Baumbach will be there in person for several Q&As about his films.
'The Irishman' is a melancholic mob masterpiece about moral decay.
'Do the Right Thing' — and an interaction with its filmmaker — forever changed me.
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