The new offshoot of 2nd City offers an homage to the most perfect of stoner foods.
The three-year-old cafe has become a neighborhood staple and advocacy spot for the community.
They'll do dishes like pork skewers in Filipino bbq sauce and grilled spare ribs in a banana bbq sauce.
Pinoy food is finally starting to be a regular fixture in the broader NYC dining scene, with more options to try this complex cuisine with all its sweet, sour, spicy, and funky flavors.
Filipino fast food chain Jollibee has one location in Queens and they're taking on the Port Authority area for round two.
2nd City serves Filipino fare re-packaged into poke, tacos and burritos.
The cozy East Village bar begins a new Thai and Filipino street food menu next week.
A Filipino housekeeper who applied to work in the Upper East Side home of billionaire industrialist Leonard Blavatnik was allegedly turned down for the job because of her nationality.
The Jollibee line on Sunday at 3 p.m. New York City
The blue awning above Tito Rad’s Grill and Restaurant, a homey spot
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