Over a hundred people turned out to protest the East Flatbush nail salon after a violent altercation there last week.
The fight was allegedly sparked by a bad eyebrow job.
Scientists said it, not me!
The Giants have made an art of losing in heartbreaking, last second fashion this season, and they were right back at it this afternoon.
The fight reportedly broke out over a memorial to someone's deceased father on the Jumbotron.
One of the women accused of provoking the man in the 8-ball jacket has now pled guilty to assaulting him with her stiletto.
"I never slapped anyone before. Especially a girl," Pena said. "But when I saw that blood, I couldn’t take it. She attacked me like a man."
The charges against Jorge Pena, the 25-year-old 8-ball jacket wearer, have been dropped entirely.
The cause of the fight, which was documented on a cell phone, appears to make about as much damn sense as anything else that happens at 5 a.m. on a Saturday.
Alas, no one will be micturated upon in a boxing ring anytime soon: the promoter who organized the George Zimmerman/DMX fight has canceled the event due to a sudden bout of common sense.
New Nike sneakers were released over the weekend, sparking fisticuffs between consumers fighting to be among the first to pay $170 for the latest in mass-produced footwear.
"A Chuck E. Cheese in Commack, Long Island: one of the last places, perhaps, you'd expect to see a fistfight," says the ABC newsman with a straight face.
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