Fight for 15

Employees at New York City businesses with more than 10 workers will be the first to reach the full $15 minimum wage, starting on New Year's Eve.
A ShackBurger will now cost $5.55 before tax.
The minimum wage will be $15/hour in NYC by 2018.
Starting next year, New York workers will earn more than New Jersey workers.
The "Fight for 15" movement started in NYC in 2012.
De Blasio will push for Fair Workweek legislation, which would require employers to release employee schedules a minimum of two weeks in advance, among other things.
This isn't the first time the pizza chain has come under fire for failing to pay workers what they've earned.
Governor Cuomo took the stage at a Fight for $15 rally to announce his continued support for minimum wage workers.
Upstate workers won't hit $12.50 per hour until 2020.
They're also pushing for 12 weeks of paid family leave.
This will affect about 50,000 city workers.
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