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She also addressed reports that she was getting back together with Offset.

'Am I this famous?' she asked upon see the paparazzi waiting for her.

One FedEx employee allegedly took out a box cutter while another used a fire extinguisher to fight with mourners.

A dispute between an allegedly racist Delta airlines pilot and a younger flight attendant erupted in the aisle of a Maine-bound plane on Monday.

A lawyer for the renters says she bashed one of them in the head with a bottle as her boyfriend yelled racial slurs.

Two food cart owners got into a fight on Saturday, according to reports.

The tourists and were allegedly arguing over the appropriate amount to tip.

The suspect got out of prison in 2014, having served 11 years for manslaughter.

People frantically ran out of a subway station in Harlem this morning after kids reportedly set off firecrackers during a fight aboard a train.

The video shows one person using his belt to strike the victim and another wielding a bar stool.