Fifty shades of grey

Please, Anastasia Steele would never show up late.
BDSM: Boozy Drink So Mmmmm.
Sex and faking it have never sounded so good.
There is now a Fifty Shades magazine, but you know that old saying: "Reading about porn is like dancing about architecture."
There's a Fifty Shades Of Grey trivia event happening tonight.
Because nothing says "9 months ago my mommy read Fifty Shades Of Grey… and my dad was too lazy to wear a condom" like these baby onesies.
Santiago talked about their relationship today, and shattered the dreams of "50 Shades" fans everywhere: “I’m sure people want so badly to believe that that book is real. I don’t give a s--t,” she said.
The "50 Shades" secondary market is probably the only thing driving our economy these days: it won't be enough until you can buy "50 Shades"-emblazoned toothpaste to go with your kinky Christian Grey glow-in-the-dark toothbrush.
We listen to NIN when reading EL James's trilogy, but she wants you to hear classical music.
With all the hoopla over Fifty Shades Of Grey something has clearly been missing. Hotels are replacing the Bible with the book and all sorts of tie-ins are cropping up, but what about brunch?
Move over, God... Mr. Grey is taking your spot in the hotel room drawer.
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