Fifth avenue

The NAACP's early headquarters was in the Beaux Arts-style building at 70 Fifth Avenue, built in 1912 and immediately renowned as “a haven for radicals and liberals.”
Meet your new cube, where you will consume with greater transparency.
Thousands turned out in all their frippery for the annual block party on Fifth Avenue.
The store had a hospital, dental office, gym, and sweet roofdeck for employees.
"You don't have time to look for the potholes because you are trying to figure out what the cabs are going to do," one regular cyclist said.
But the flagship store will now be an Apple 'Town Square.'
The illuminated messages "NEW YORK HATES TRUMP" was projected on a nearby building.
Apple removed its famed cube to facilitate renovations on the flagship store.
"I'm here for all the people of my generation."
The man was captured near the 20th floor of Trump Tower after climbing for over two hours.
5th Avenue has lost a lot over the past century, but it's also gained some gems like the Guggenheim.
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