Wait a minute, Shaq still plays music?!?
After it came out that Starr Catering Group had pulled out of the festival, an assistant joked, "No one is eating so therefore no ones pooping."
So much food, so many Instagrams.
The bulk of the EatUp!'s schedule centers around "Dine-Ins," where Harlem eateries welcome chefs from other restaurants around the country to create special, one-night-only dinners.
Lots of sugar plus a "photo garden dedicated specifically to Instagram needs."
Here's the full lineup, announced today.
"Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has refused to back any of the proposals."
The first minié balls of discontent are whizzing over the lobster roll ramparts.
ATP turned the manic, miserable, cliche of the overcrowded city festival into a relaxing, punk rock gondola ride.
Other noteworthy acts include Holy Ghost!, Bear Hands, For Lean, Lez Zeppelin, and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
The legendary headbanging band Metallica has just announced a two day festival this June in Atlantic City.
Brace yourselves for a wasabi-snorting contest, a dude getting punched in the junk as punishment, lots of face paint and Faygo, Faygo, everywhere.
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