The two SNL stars went in on a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry and the mayor is pretty excited about it.
Governors Island just became more accessible with extended ferry service. And now your dog can go, too.
The boat has been retired and auctioned off after decades of shuttling people across the harbor.
"I told you we shouldn't have gotten on this ferry," one rider can be heard lamenting. "It wasn't meant to be."
Riders of Mayor Bill de Blasio's subsidy-soaked ferry system are significantly richer and whiter than their mass transit counterparts.
The city plans to spend $300 million over the next five years to double its ferry service.
NY Waterway will revoke licenses from boat operators who work with street sellers slinging scammy Statue of Liberty "tours."
Several councilmembers pointed out that the city's beleaguered subways and buses carry exponentially more riders than the ferry, but receive just a fraction of the per-rider subsidy.
A newly-released budget review revealed that the amount of taxpayer subsidies needed to keep the service afloat are even greater than previously known, and set to dramatically increase under a planned expansion.
'The Hornblower procurement has suffered from profoundly poor levels of disclosure, as well as a series of seemingly inexplicable decisions that are proving to be needlessly expensive to taxpayers.'
De Blasio unveiled a new Lower East Side route that will connect sea-faring commuters from Long Island City to East 34th Street, Stuyvesant Cove, Corlears Hook and Wall Street .
The Soundview ferry ride can get you to Wall Street in 45 minutes.
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