Ferris wheel

The 110-foot Ferris wheel will be spinning on “the greatest street in the world” through September 12th.
Organizers declare that the Times Square Wheel is "DESTINED TO BE THE WORLD’S #1 ATTRACTION FOR SELFIES!" And a ride will cost you over $15.
The 630 foot tall wheel will boast 36 capsules, each accommodating up to 40 passengers.
Also, the ride itself will be 38 minutes.
"Quite frankly, this borough is extremely lucky that this kind of project is under way," an executive behind the so-called New York Wheel declared.
Staten Island is about get itself a major tourist attraction and it isn't another ferry. The New York Wheel is expected to open in early 2015.
Staten Island, constantly looking for ways to get people to get off the ferry in St. George and walk around, may have finally hit on something.
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